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Security Alarms & Cameras – FAQs

Most security alarm systems are set up to communicate via a phone line, or a wireless security device. They send alarm event data directly to our security control room where it is interpreted by our high end alarm receivers and displayed as an event to our security officers. Who then action alarm events upon receipt. Immediate action is taken on all alarms in accordance with your written instructions.
It’s impossible for you to be available 24/7 every day of the year. That’s why security, smoke and panic/duress alarms are monitored. Monitoring provides you with the knowledge and peace of mind that if you’re away on holiday, on a flight, or unavailable for any reason, our dedicated team will be watching over your property.
The audible security alarm will sound at the property – most often both internally and externally. The blue external strobe light installed at the property will flash and the security system will seize the phone line and cut off any current phone call so that it can communicate the security alarm event to our security monitoring centre. When the communication is received, our security officer calls the site telephone number. If answered they will seek to verify the identification of whoever answers the phone by requesting a voice code. For confirmed false alarms, no further action will be taken, otherwise each of your nominated contacts will be called in turn. If unavailable and where it is a home answering service no message will be left, if we’re calling a mobile number, a message will be left asking that they call us back quoting a reference number. If reached they will be asked for their instructions i.e. are they able to attend, would they like a security patrol car to be dispatched. It is important to ensure that anyone nominated as a contact for security understand that once notified they will need to either attend the property or direct our security officer in regard to any further action required.
Security alarm systems are programmed to send a test signal, usually on daily basis, to the security monitoring centre so that the communication path is activated. If a daily report is not received you will be advised. Often the cause is found to be a failure of the telephone service on which the security alarm reports however from time to time electronic components fail within the security alarm system and repair or replacements is required.
We recommend that you discuss the maintenance of your system with our technician. Generally it’s important to ensure that the detectors are kept clean. From time to time the area around the detector is sprayed lightly with insect spray (do not spray the detector itself only the surrounding area). Additionally you need to ensure that you have a enough delay programmed to the alarm system to allow sufficient time for you to enter and leave the monitored property before the security system arms. Ask us about wireless key fob remotes that allow you to arm and disarm your security system from your car. This provides the most convenient way to arm and disarm your system without having to rush to the keypad. Be careful when arming and disarming your security system as dependent upon the way in which the security panel has been programmed you may only arm or disarm a part of your system. Our qualified security technicians will be happy to provide training on the use and functionality of your security alarm system. Naturally it’s wise to ensure that everyone that will have access to your home or business and will be expected to Arm or Disarm the system should be briefed by you in regard to its use.


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